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Introducing our reversible medium size dog bandana set which also includes a cute bow tie and poo bag holder/dispenser, the perfect accessories for your furry friend!

Made from cotton, these bandanas are not only comfortable for your pet but are reversible and stylish.

The set includes dog bandana, bow tie and poo bag holder/dispenser, but you can buy the items individually too.

The medium bandana has a channel for the collar that is approximately 1-1/2" wide, these bandanas are a convenient and hassle-free accessory for your dog.

Shown here in the photos my cocker spaniel dog collar which is about 1" wide

The bow tie also slides onto the dog collar making it easy to wear.

Whether you're dressing up your own pet or giving it as a gift, this set is the ideal choice for any dog mum/dad.

The bandana can also have the quote "fluffy not fat" added as an optional extra.


The bandan is also available in a seperate listing in 3 sizes, small, medium or large in pink or blue.

Pink Dog Bandana, Bow Tie & Poo Bag Holder Set

  • Bandana & Bow Tie

    Wash by hand in cold water with a mild detergent.

    If you machine wash then use the delicate cycle only.

    Poo Bag Holder is wipe clean only


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